Isothermal Community College

Help Desk

Navigating Through Your Classes

  1. After you are logged into Moodle, you will be on your homepage. The center of this page shows an overview of all classes you are currently enrolled in.
  2. Find the "My courses" section on the left side of the page. All of your courses will be listed here.
  3. Clicking any one of the class links will direct you to that class’s full page.
  4. This page will usually have instructor information, the syllabus, books used, assignments, the gradebook, and also a calendar for upcoming events for that class.

Viewing Grades

  1. On your homepage, the main page in the center should show links to the class or classes you are currently enrolled. Also in a panel with the heading my courses.
  2. Go to the class you want to see grades for.
  3. Find the Settings Panel, under Course Administration is a clickable link for grades.
  4. User report shows a page with grade average and all work submitted for that class.

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