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Moodle FAQs

What are the user name and password?
Where are the links to Moodle?

The main log in page can help you get started.

What do I do for a forgotten password?
My user name and password never worked. How can it be fixed?

These issues will require technical support from the HelpDesk.
Phone: 828-395-1437

I can log in, but I can't see my class. What should I do?

You should contact the instructor first. This can generally be resolved easily.

How should I contact the instructor?

Each instructor may let you know their best way to be reached. However, the Moodle Messaging System is the standard recommendation, as it sends a duplicate message to the instructor's e-mail as well.

When I log in I see all my classes on one page. Is everything I need to know here?

No. The overview page that displays when you log in leaves out items that may be important in each class. You should Navigate Through each of your courses to see all items provided by the instructor.

Web-0013    Revision Date: 24 April 2013