Isothermal Community College

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Email FAQs

What are the user name and password?
Where are the links to Student E-Mail?

The main log in page can help you get started.

What do I do for a forgotten password?
My user name and password never worked. How can it be fixed?

These issues will require technical support from the HelpDesk.
Phone: 828-395-1437

How long should I wait before resending an E-mail to an instructor?

You should allow up to 24 hours for a response. You can then resend in case the message was deleted or never delivered.

What is the domain name for Student E-mail?

The domain is

Can I get my E-mail on my smart phone?

Yes, the Mobile E-mail Lesson will help set this up.

I'm new to using E-mail. Where should I begin?

The tutorial for Sending E-mails introduces many aspects of the e-mail application we use.

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