Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual


Course Outlines and Syllabus

Course outlines must be given to students at the beginning of classes each semester. (See Appendix, college intranet site and college website for syllabus template) Each instructor is responsible for setting his/her own grading policy in accordance with the College’s letter grade system. Course outlines should also give students a schedule of major tests, papers due and outside reading assignments.

Expectation for the College and for the Students:

What Students Can Expect of Isothermal

In their commitment to learning and to the achievement of a true learning-centered community, Isothermal personnel will:

  • Meet student needs by demonstrating professional, friendly, and courteous service in all aspects of student life
  • Maintain high professional and academic standards
  • Serve as role models in the development of leadership skills
  • Respect diversity and treat all students fairly
  • Be available to students and helpful with student problems
  • Communicate clear learning objectives and expected outcomes
  • Provide timely feedback in the assessment of learning outcomes
  • Stay current in subject matter
  • Practice effective teaching/learning strategies that promote critical thinking

What Isothermal Expects of Students

In their commitment to learning, students will:

  • Accept responsibility for learning
  • Attend and participate in all classes
  • Complete required exercises and assignments as directed
  • Develop a time management plan that includes adequate time for study
  • Maintain an open-minded attitude toward learning
  • Strive to become independent critical thinkers
  • Seek help as needed from appropriate sources
  • Be respectful and considerate of others
  • Assume responsibility for knowing and adhering to all college policies
  • Acknowledge that learning how to learn is the ultimate objective of education
  • Recognize that struggle and discomfort often precede the rewards that accompany goal completion and success

Note: From Isothermal Distinction – Community of Learners; Statement of Expectations. Isothermal Community College, (Revised 2004).

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY STATEMENT: You are expected to rely on your own knowledge when taking tests and completing independent assignments. Cheating in any form, including plagiarism (the use of an author’s words or ideas without providing proper documentation), will not be tolerated and may result in loss of academic credit for the course and/or a failing grade on the assignment.  See the Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Judicial Procedures Manual, Section IX.

ADA STATEMENT: If you have a documented disability, it is your responsibility to contact the Disability Services Coordinator (828-395-1732) to discuss classroom accommodations.

ADMINISTRATIVE WITHDRAWAL: An instructor, in consultation with the appropriate instructional administrator, may administratively withdraw any student whose cumulative absences exceed 20% of the scheduled class hours for the semester. The withdrawal must be made by the drop deadline published in the college calendar. The student will receive a grade of W#. In case of extenuating circumstances, a student who has been withdrawn from a course for excessive absences may be re-admitted to class with the permission of the instructor and the appropriate Dean/Director and completion of a re- admission form. If a student is administratively withdrawn from more than one class in a semester, re-admission to class will be considered on a class-by-class basis. Re-admission forms may be obtained in the Student Services Office.

COURSE OUTLINE: Will be provided by your instructor during the first week of class.

Policy No: 402-02-02AP