Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual


Grade Changes, Final Examinations, Faculty Checkout


Instructors have total responsibility and authority for the assigning of grades. The policy regarding incomplete grades is stated in the College catalog.  No other grade may be changed by an instructor once the grade has been given without the consent of the Vice President of Academic and Student Services. An instructor may not change a failing grade to passing or a passing grade to failing without written approval from the Vice President of Academic and Student Services. 


Final examinations must be administered at the times indicated for each class on the published schedule unless an exception is granted by the appropriate Dean/Director. Variations must not reduce total scheduled class time nor impose an undue expectation upon the student.


Check-out dates are listed in the catalog and the semester class booklet for each semester of instruction. Faculty check-out procedures begin with the completion of the grade report form distributed by Student Services. The completed form should be submitted in person to the Dean/Director or the Dean/Director’s designee. All grade reports must be submitted on or before 11:00 am on check out day. The faculty member must sign and date each Grade Report form and submit the grade book or a grade sheet for the course with each form. If incompletes are given for any student, the Incomplete Form must also be submitted with the grade form.

Policy No: 401-02-02AP

Cross Reference:
Adopted:  May 22, 1991
Amended:  July 20, 2006