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Establishing and Terminating Curriculum

The Board of Trustees shall approve the establishment or termination of all curricula.


The College Curriculum Committee functions to review requests for new curriculum program approval and for additions, deletions, and changes to existing curricula. In addition, the committee ensures that all programs are in compliance with state established curriculum standards, articulation agreements, and the common course library. (See Curriculum Committee for membership)

Faculty Appointments will be made by the Dean/Director at the beginning of fall semester. Appointments will be for a four-year term subject to an annual review by the Chair, the Deans/Directors, and the Vice President of Academic and Student Services.  Members may be appointed to consecutive terms.

The Chair will be a faculty member with a minimum of one year of experience on the Curriculum Committee, and will be elected by vote of the Committee at the first meeting held during fall semester. Each Chair will be responsible for obtaining a secretary to assist the Committee. The committee will hold meetings as necessary. On a case by case basis, the Chair will determine whether the members will meet or will conduct business electronically using GroupWise group (CurricCom).

A Curriculum Committee member may request clarification of a request from the submitting Dean/Director. In certain cases, the Chair may invite a Dean/Director or designee to attend a meeting to provide clarification of a request. A quorum must be present to transact business. A quorum will be four voting members. The Curriculum Committee shall operate by Robert’s Rules of Order Revised.

The minutes will be distributed electronically and in a timely manner to members of the Curriculum Committee, the Vice President of Academic and Student Services, Instructional Deans/Directors and the Dean of Student Services. The Chair will submit a paper copy of the minutes, each original signed request, and all supporting documents to the Librarian for permanent retention in the College Archives.

Procedures for Submitting Requests to the Curriculum Committee:

  1. One complete packet must be submitted in paper format; incomplete requests will not be considered. Each request must be completed using the appropriate request form from the college intranet. The request form must be signed and dated by the appropriate Dean/Director and submitted along with one copy of all supporting materials to the Chair no less than (10) working days prior to the expected review of the request.
  2. Each request and all supporting documents must be submitted electronically to the Curriculum Committee members (using the GroupWise address CurricCom) no less than (10) working days prior to the expected review of the request
  3. For a single addition, deletion, or change to an existing curriculum program use the Request for Curriculum Change form from the college intranet.
  4. For a major curriculum program revision involving more than a single addition, deletion, or change, use the Request for New or Revised Curriculum Program form from the college intranet.
  5. For a new curriculum program, use the Request for New or Revised Curriculum Program form from the college intranet.
  6. After review by the Curriculum Committee, the request will be forwarded to the Vice President of Academic and Student Services and to the President for appropriate action. Once the request is approved, the original signed copy will be sent to the Library according to Section V above. Copies will be distributed to the appropriate Dean/Director, the Chair of Curriculum Committee, the Dean of Student Services, the Registrar, and the Vice President of Academic and Student Services.

Policy No: 401-03-02BP

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Adopted: April 1965
Amended: May 1984; November 1986; November 1987; November 1989; July 1993; August 2005