Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual

Governance of the College

Policies approved by the Board of Trustees

The policies of the Board of Trustees, “Board,” express the intentions of the Board with regard to the College. Ordinarily, the policies should be stated in general terms with the aim of guiding the administration and faculty of the College. Generally the Board will not make specific rules and regulation. Additions to and changes in the policies upon the recommendation of the President, member of the board, and others should occur following due consideration by the Board. These policies are in conjunction with Chapter 115-D of the Administrative Policy Act.

The policies of Isothermal Community College approved by the Board of Trustees are:

Policies Approved by the Board
Policy Number Name of Policy
101-01-00BP Mission
201-03-00BP Authority of President
201-03-01BP Acceptance of Gifts and Donations
201-03-02BP Organizational Charts
201-03-03BP Administrative Authority - Emergency 
301-01-00BP Hiriing 
301-01-01BP Nepotism/Employment of Relatives
301-01-02BP Veterans Preferance
301-02-00BP Employee Demotion, Dismissal, Probation and Non-Renewal
301-02-01BP Involuntary Leave Without Pay/Reduction in Force
301-03-00BP Employment Categories
301-03-01BP Position Descriptions 
301-03-02BP Personnel Records Management
302-01-00BP Professional Development 
302-01-01BP Educational Assistance Program 
302-01-02BP Employee Enrollment In College Cources 
302-03-00BP Annual and Bonus Leave
302-03-01BP Sick Leave
302-03-02BP Other Types of Personnel Leave
302-03-03BP Leave Without Pay and Medical Leave
302-03-04BP Compensatory Leave
302-03-05BP Shared Leave
302-03-06BP Educational Leave
302-03-07BP Military Leave
302-04-00BP Workers Compensation
302-04-01BP Employee with Disabilities
303-01-00BP Personnel Salaries
303-01-01BP Longevity Pay
303-02-00BP Secondary Employment and Compensation
304-01-0BP Evaluation Policy
305-01-00BP Curriculum Full-time Faculty Work Loads, Office Hours and Absences 
305-01-01BP Curriculum Adjunct Faculty Work Loads, Office Hours and Absences 
305-02-00BP Letter of Intent
306-01-00BP Employee Grievance Policy and Procedure
306-01-01BP Grievance Committee Hearing Procedures (Exhibit 1 and 2)
306-01-02BP Sexual, Gender and Other Unlawful Harassment
306-01-03BP Whistleblower Protection
306-02-00BP Communicable Disease and Occupational Exposure Bloodborne Pathogen
306-02-01BP Computer Resources, Internet and Network Use Policy
306-02-02BP Confidentiality Statement
306-02-03BP Dress and personal care
306-02-04BP Drug-Free Work Place
306-02-05BP Employee and Student Relationships
306-02-06BP Inclement Weather and Emergency Closing 
306-02-07BP Political Activities
306-02-08BP Attendance at Graduation Excercises
306-02-09BP Intellectual Property 
401-02-00BP Academic Standing and Appeals Procedure
401-03-02BP Establishing and Terminating Curriculum
402-02-00BP Academic Freedom & Integrity
402-02-04BP Guest Speakers
402-02-06BP Live Projects
500-01-00BP Adult High School Diplomas
500-02-01BP Continuing Education Classes - Internal Audit
601-01-00BP Student Activities
601-01-01BP Student Activity Fee
601-01-02BP Refund of Student Activity Fee
601-01-03BP Student Publications
601-01-04BP Student Government
601-01-05BP Student Involvement in Institutional Government
601-01-06BP Intercollegiate Athletics
601-02-00BP Student Rights & Responsibilities
601-02-01BP Drug and Alcohol Policy
601-02-02BP Complaint Policy
601-02-05BP Sexual Harrassment Disease
601-02-06BP Communicible diseases
601-02-08BP Student Absence for Religious Reasons
601-03-00BP Disability Services
701-01-00BP State and Local Budgets
701-01-01BP Budget Changes
701-01-03BP Federal and Other Grants
701-01-04BP Investments
701-02-00BP Facility Rental Receipts
701-02-01BP Community Services and Activity Fee
701-02-04BP Vending
701-03-00BP Bookstore Operating Profits
701-03-01BP Bookstore Reserve
701-04-00BP Deferred Tuition Policy
702-01-00BP Purchasing
702-01-01BP Greeting Cards
702-02-03BP College Provided Vehicles
802-01-00BP Community Use of Facilities
802-02-00BP Naming and Memoralization
802-02-01BP Use of Tobacco Products
802-02-02BP Traffic and Parking Regulations
Policy No: 201-02-03