Isothermal Community College

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Governance of the College

Acceptance of Gifts and Donations

The Board of Trustees of Isothermal Community College recognizes the Community College Foundation in Rutherford and Polk Counties as the organizations through which gifts/donations are solicited for the capital and educational needs of Isothermal Community College. Gifts and/or donations valued at or in excess of $5,000 which are designated for other than capital construction purposes shall be received by the Foundations and shall, upon request by the Board of Trustees, be placed in the College's operating budget. Gifts and/or donations of less than $5,000 may be received directly by the President of the College and placed in the College's operating budget as the President deems appropriate. 

Policy No: 201-03-01BP

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Adopted:  April 1965
Amended:  May 1984; November 1986; November 1987; November 1989; July 1993; August 2005; May 24, 2011