Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual

Technology Plan


VI. Planning, Funding, and Management

Technology planning is reflected in the College’s ongoing operational and facilities planning for educational and support programs as well as in the priorities identified in the College’s Strategic Plan. Recommended minimum hardware standards guide the purchase of replacement systems college-wide. Institutional perspectives and input on information technology resource deployment are instrumental in funding decisions, and widespread knowledge of opportunities is important in maintaining appropriate and consistent use of technology by students and personnel.

Goal 1:

Technology replacement, growth, and innovation are part of an ongoing process and are reflected in the College budget and policies. 

Activity: IT Staff assist in the decision-making regarding new and reallocated equipment.  

Timeline: Ongoing

Implementation: IT staff help to define College technology needs based on assessment and anticipated changes in technology requirements and recent developments. The funds required for replacement of equipment within the guidelines of the College Computer Allocation and Replacement Policy will be determined by obtaining quotes from vendors. Requests for equipment other than standard replacement are made by individual departments and programs and are prioritized and have a rationale for purchase that is tied to College goals and planning documents.

Rationale:  The College budget should allow for new technological needs that have been mandated externally or that have been identified locally, as well as provide for the maintenance and replacement of existing technology as provided for in college policy II:08:02, Computer Allocation/Replacement Policy.

Goal 2:

Equipment purchases take into account immediate and long-term needs, meet the required current minimum hardware standards and are compatible with other current or planned technologies.  

Activity: Update minimum standards within the Information Services and Technology Policies and Procedures

Timeline: Ongoing

Implementation: IT staff will determine minimum hardware and software standards based on industry standards, needs, and compatibility with current and proposed projects.

Rationale:  Hardware and software standards common to the entire College allow optimum integration between instructional and administrative activities.

Goal 3:

College personnel are involved in discussions of proposed technological changes and advancements and have the opportunity to provide input into technology decisions.

Activity: The IT Director will maintain a dialog with the College community regarding technology issues, concerns, and solutions.

Timeline: Ongoing

Implementation: The Information Technology Director, as a guest of the TALC Leadership Team, College Council, and Management Team, reports on technology opportunities and initiatives and solicits input from the College community.

Rationale:  Open communication of the status of technology and technology needs within the College is important in maximizing the awareness and availability of technology throughout the institution, in maintaining a sense of trust and ownership, and in encouraging participation in decision-making.