Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual

Technology Plan


I.  Instruction and Evaluation

In using technology effectively, instructors are empowered to restructure their classrooms and move from a teacher-centered lecture approach to a more learner-centered inquiry approach.  Instructors model appropriate technology use for students, and engage in frequent opportunities to apply technologies as teaching and learning tools. The College’s focus on the improvement of assessment practices has placed greater emphasis on problem-solving, critical thinking, inquiry, communication and collaboration.

Goal 1.

Faculty will increase their awareness of software and hardware in order to take advantage of the most current and appropriate technology.


  1. Offer opportunities for faculty to learn about new and existing technology applications through speakers, demonstrations, roundtables, webcasts, webinars, etc.
  2. Provide access to timely information on use of technology through the
    Instructional Resources page on the college website and by providing 
    access to print resources through Library Reserves.
  3. Encourage faculty to express their interests by including focused questions in the College Technology Readiness Survey.

Timeline: Ongoing

Implementation: Coordinate with TALC Professional Development taskforces to provide opportunities during Convocation and professional development days for learning about new technologies. Through the TALC Leadership Team, disseminate a bibliography of professional development materials that includes technology applications for teaching and learning. Revise the IT Technology Readiness survey to include examples of emerging technologies that may be of interest to faculty.

Rationale:  Technology should be readily accessible to instructors and students in ways that are directly related to teaching and learning situations. Technology skills, pedagogy and behaviors evolve at different rates. Faculty need to become aware of emerging technologies that can be used to enhance the learning process. Students will benefit from exposure to technology in the instructional environment.   

Goal 2.

 IT will start looking at moving toward one system e-mail for staff and students and IT will only have to support one e-mail platform. 

Provide Implementation, support and training for one e-mail domain for so the students and employees have the same e-mail domain and everybody will use the new 2008 OWA (Outlook Web Access)  for the e-mail client.

Timeline:Spring 2011

Implementation: IT staff will work with faculty to assist in furthering the project as appropriate.

Rationale:  Integration of technology into the learning process is vital as changes are made in the way that faculty and students use technology to improve learning outcomes.