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Kimberly Snyder

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the Isothermal Community College students’ self-governing body. Although usually small in number, this student–driven, advisor facilitated organization was successful in promoting the interests of the student population of the College by taking steps to improve its facilities for students, faculty and staff, planning student activity functions and assisting other student organizations on special projects under the direction of the Student Affairs staff. Many of the planned student activities are not only fun and informative, but they also increase diversity awareness.  
The following are listing of activities that took place this year.

This year the SGA have planned the following activities that promote diversity awareness:
Workshop  Date Participants
Suicide Prevention Workshop Sept. 10 70
Self-Defense/Sexual Harassment Awareness Workshop Feb. 27 95
Sports Day – Chinese Olympics Theme April 17 650

Following the sexual harassment awareness workshop there was one legitimate charge of sexual harassment. The proper steps were taken as per policy.

Next year’s activities will not be planned until the new group of elected SGA members takes office next fall. However, mental health topics tend to be a continual focus of the group from year to year. Many times in the past, the SGA has partnered with the Afro-American Club to promote Black History Month and hopefully, this partnership will continue.