Isothermal Community College

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Diversity Plan

Global Education Action Plan

Learning Strategies Taskforce

Jo James

Learning Strategies Task Force Chair: Jo James 
Assessment Task Force Chair: Brett Parker

2/12/2007 (date plan initiated)
See dates below for subsequent activities

Goal: Prepare students, faculty, and staff to think and act as well-informed citizens in a global society.

Define global awareness for ICC 
Raise faculty, staff, student, and community awareness of global issues by providing curricular and extracurricular activities.

Global awareness: recognizing the interconnectedness and interdependence of persons, places, and events on earth, from a current as well as historical perspective.



NOTE: minutes from various meetings are available at the TALC Website for Isothermal Community College.

What needs to be done?

  • By whom and when?
  • What resources?
  • What evidence indicates progress?
  • How and when will evidence be gathered?
  1. Attend World View Symposium in order to learn about resource available from UNC Chapel Hill for globalization of courses.
    • Jo James, Scott Hutchins, John Quinley
    • 11/15 & 16/2007
    • LSTF (Learning Strategies Task Force) budget for travel
    • Specified people attended conference. As a result, the LSTF will recommend to TALC and the college administration to join World View to gain access to resources available for globalization efforts.
    • In addition, decision was made to develop formal action plan for globalization efforts steered by LSTF. This meeting will be conducted in spring 2007 semester.
    • Team will report back to LSTF on findings from the meeting.
    • This was done during the 11/29/2006 LSTF meeting. Minutes available online for specifics. 
  2. Administrative approval for globalization efforts to be solicited
    • Jo James, Scott Hutchins
    • 1/4/2007
    • No $ - conducted meeting on campus.
    • Met with Dr. Myra Johnson (VP Academics at the time of the meeting) to determine overall scope of globalization efforts. Dr. Johnson provided insight into the need to globalize courses, with focus on learning what is currently in place and communicating these events as well as making resources available to faculty and staff to increase the amount of global events on campus and in courses.
    • Also spoke re: the joining of World View. A contract is currently in review by Dr. Johnson. The contract specifies the responsibilities of Isothermal if we join World View.
    • Meeting conducted.
    • Approval gained to begin work on Action Plan. The development of the action plan will conducted during a regular LSTF meeting.
    • World View contract under review by Dr. Johnson.
  3. Action Plan development
    • LSTF
    • 2/12/2007
    • No $ – conducted on campus. Scheduled as one of the LSTF meetings. 
    • Taskforce met and developed action plan. Used the Action Planning for Global Education booklet provided by World View symposium.
    • This document is evidence of the action plan.
    • This was done during the 2/12/2007 LSTF meeting. Minutes available online for specifics,
    • Result of this meeting was specific tactics (provided below) to facilitate the increased global perspective in courses.
  4. Meet with PD faculty & staff to discuss offering of workshops on globalization
    • Jo James, Erin Riddle
    • 4/24/2007
    • No $ - conducted meeting during regular TALC meeting.
    • During TALC meeting we discussed the possibility of offering workshops during professional development or convocation. It was noted that fall convocation and PD is dedicated to advising, but spring 2008 has potential to offer a workshop. LSTF will develop a workshop to be offered at PD at that time. Will confirm this with LSTF in fall 2007 taskforce meeting.
    • Meeting conducted.
    • Issue will be addressed at LSTF in fall 2007 and followed up at subsequent TALC meetings.
  5. Join World View program
    • Dr. Myra Johnson
    • Spring 2007
    • No fee to join, but requires annual commitment for attending 3 conferences. These will be paid from the LSTF budget. Will budget for this cost starting 2007/2008 budget cycle
    • Have communicated with Robert Phay. The contract will be adjusted (per 3/26/2007 email) to accommodate the changes ICC requested.
    • Upon receipt, we will sign the document and become an affiliate.
    • A signed contract was executed.
  6. Develop Diverse Cultural and Historical Perspective rubric
    • Assessment Taskforce
    • Spring 2007
    • None
    • Committee met and rubric was developed and incorporated into General Ed competencies
    • Pilot of the use of this rubric is conducted in Fall 2007by Arts & Sciences
  7. Attend Global Leaders Program
    • Kim Gold
    • 6/17 – 22/2007
    • LSTF (Learning Strategies Task Force) budget for travel
    • Kim Gold attended the Summer 2007 Global Leaders Program. Upon return, she met with LSTF and provided a list of suggestions for globalization efforts that ICC should attempt in our global education efforts.
    • Report back from Kim after she attends the meeting. Follow up with LSTF on recommended actions.
    • The list was distributed to LSTF members for review in Fall 2007 taskforce meeting.
  8. Define objectives & tactics for further globalization efforts for the LSTF.
    • LSTF
    • 9/17/2007
    • No $ - conducted meeting during regular LSTF meeting.
    • Taskforce meetings led to discussion on global awareness efforts.
    • In addition to LSTF, other TALC taskforces were also developing global education initiatives. Given this, it was decided to combine the efforts of TALC taskforces. This led to the Socrates Café topic of global education. 
    • Revise the action plan and implement the actions identified.
  9. Socrates Café meeting to discuss global education
    • Open forum – available to all employees and community
    • 9/26/2007
    • Refreshments provided by President’s Discretionary Fund.
    • Topic provided large turnout to the lunch meeting. The interest led to the development of Diogenes Café as an open dialogue forum for discussion and planning activities for the learning college of ICC.
    • Diogenes Café was created and is held as an open forum to discuss global awareness issues and activities. The forum will be held twice monthly during as a brown-bag lunch meeting, with refreshments provided by the President’s Discretionary Fund. 
  10. Diogenes Café meetings for Fall 2007 semester.       
    • Open forum – available to all employees and community. The meetings were held on the following dates:
      1. 10/8/2007, 10/22/2007, 11/2/2007           
    • Refreshments provided by President’s Discretionary Fund.                
    • The meetings are held as an open discussion forum to solicit input and develop actions for increasing global awareness. Outcomes of the fall meetings:
      1. Global awareness defined (see first page of this plan)
      2. Spotlight country identified: China for Spring 2008. Will focus on China via Sports day (Olympic focus), Campus Life healthy lunch will feature healthy Chinese cuisine, bulletin boards will be posted in various locations across campus and cover a variety of topics (education, technology, and business in China)
      3. Revise Website to allow links to be identified for global awareness initiatives at ICC        
    • Diogenes Café Semester Update document created to provide an overview of the meetings. At the end of the semester, a copy of this document will be provided on the TALC Website.
    • The results of these meeting provided many of the activities listed below for promotion global awareness.
  11. Campus-wide survey via email to solicit definitions for global awareness to be used as a working definition for ICC  
    • Brett Parker,  Jo James
    • 10/8/2007   
    • No $              
    • Survey conducted via email
    • Results of surveys compiled and were emailed across campus for notification purposes. The results were used to develop the working definition of global awareness. See first page of this document for definition.
  12. Attend ERCBEC – focus fall 2007 is global education 
    • TALC members.
    • 10/24-26/2007          
    • LSTF budget for taskforce members. TALC for others             
    • Seven employees from ICC attended, representing four of the TALC taskforces (PD Staff, LSTF, Assessment, and PD Faculty).
    • Report back from members attending the meeting to respective taskforces to incorporate information gained into taskforce efforts.
  13. Add Global Awareness/Education topic on Instructor Repository Website    
    • LSTF created the topic and posting of resources will be supplemented by the subscribers to the repository 
    • No $              
    • Website was revised to add a global awareness/education topic with associated links and discussion forums provided. The topic will provide online resources for classroom. In addition to the links, the library periodical list is published on moodle to inform instructors on library resources available.                
    • Report to LSTF members, also educate faculty and staff about the availability of the resources at professional development activities in Spring 2008.
  14. Campus-wide survey to determine baseline for global awareness assignments in current use
    • Assessment Taskforce during campus-wide Assessment Meeting
    • 10.29.2007  
    • No $              
    • Survey conducted during meeting.
    • Results of surveys compiled and were emailed across campus for notification purposes. Plan to use this document for future activity planning purposes.
  15. Attend World View Community College conference TALC representative members.
    • November 2007 
    • TALC budgeted item.
    • Report back from members attending the meeting. Incorporate information gained into action plan accordingly.
  16. Revise Website to incorporate links and activities for global awareness         
    • TALC & Diogenes Café attendants & ICC Web Master in November meetings.  
    • None – conduct during regular meetings
    • D’ Café met and discussed what changes to propose. LSTF met and discussed what changes to propose.
    • Will report on the proposed changes to TALC in November meeting, approved changes will be posted on Website by Web master.
  17. Creation of bulletin boards across campus to spotlight China in Spring 2008  
    • LSTF, Diogenes Café, TALC members, student clubs, and students – Spring 2008 
    • TALC and LSTF budget will be asked to underwrite the project.
  18. Museum walk/scavenger hunt exercise developed to allow instructors to have students view the bulletin boards across campus.
    • LSTF, Diogenes Café, TALC
    • Spring 2008
    • No $ 
  19. Campus Life Healthy Lunch featuring Chinese cuisine   
    • Campus Life taskforce – Spring 2008 
    • Costs unknown 
  20. Sports Day with Olympic theme to focus on China
    • Campus Life & SGA
    • Spring 2008
    • SGA budgeted item  
  21. International Day to focus on China
    • Diogenes Café, TALC, SGA
    • Spring 2008
    • Costs unknown 
  22. Work in conjunction with local high schools that have teachers visiting from China to sponsor cultural event with ICC 
    • LSTF and Diogenes Café
    • Spring 2008
    • Costs unknown
  23. Select spotlight country for Fall 2008/Spring 2009 academic year  
    • Diogenes Café
    • Spring 2008
    • No $
  24. PD for faculty on Instructors Repository to provide online resources for faculty, focus on the Global Awareness/Education Resources
    • LSFT
    •  None – conduct as a Round Table or as a PD event at semi-annual meeting
    • Participants of WorldView 2007 Community College conference to bring back information on process and resources 
  25. PD for faculty, staff, and administration on global awareness/education at Convocation 
    • TALC, Diogenes Café, Administration of ICC
    • Fall 2008 
    • TALC budgeted item  
  26. Attend World View International Program for Educators 
    • LSTF members. Will make offer to people outside taskforce
    • Spring 2008
    • LSTF budget for taskforce members. TALC for others
    • Report back from members attending the meeting. Incorporate information gained into action plan accordingly.
  27. Global Awareness Round Table  
    • Scott Hutchins of LSTF
    • Spring 2008
    • No $
  28. Write a grant for UNC WorldView for ‘internationalizing’ courses 
    • TALC, Diogenes Café, Administration
    • Deadline 1/15/2008
    • Unknown at this time 
    • Participants of WorldView 2007 Community College conference to bring back information on process and resources 
  29. Increase the number of globally aware assignments across campus. Get instructors to add a globally aware assignment into courses that currently do not utilize such an assignment.  
    • TALC, Diogenes Café
    • Spring 2008
    • No $  
    • Conduct survey in Fall 2008 during campus wide assessment meeting.