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Diversity Plan

Arts and Sciences Diversity Update

Kathy Ackerman, Dean

The Arts and Sciences Division promotes diversity through many of its General Education courses in order to better prepare its students to live in a culturally diverse world and to thrive amid cultural diversity at the university to which they transfer or in their workplaces. Faculty has been made aware of the importance of this issue and has been doing some exciting projects and assignments within their courses.

New courses:

  • Fall and Spring 2007:  HUM 120 with focus on Deaf Culture.  Future sections of this course will incorporate additional material on African-American cultures and Hispanic/Latina cultures.

Other initiatives:

  • Diogenes Café was created in Fall 2007 to coordinate and implement global awareness at ICC. The ad hoc committee pursued and accomplished two objectives in the Fall—developed a statement defining global awareness:  Global awareness: recognizing the interconnectedness and interdependence of persons, places, and events on earth, from a current as well as a historical perspective.
  • Diogenes Café also developed an action plan to highlight China in spring.
  • In the Spring of 2008, Diogenes Cafe sought and was granted permission to train faculty on global awareness at the Fall Convocation.
  • POL 220, International Studies, will be offered for the first time, pending approval of the Curriculum Committee.

Bulletin Boards

Faculty members Brett Parker, Mark Ellis, and Bret Watson attended the Worldview Community College Symposium in November 2007.  In April of this year Mark Ellis and Brett Parker attended the Worldview Conference on the Global South. Two years ago, Cindy Martin and Lisa Canterbury attended the Worldview Community College Symposium.

Next fall, Arts and Sciences intends to assess a sampling of student artifacts from the Cultural Diversity section of student portfolios to help determine the effectiveness of the activities.  The number of participants in diversity activities is shown clearly by the assignments faculty members are giving in their classes.  Please see attached list.

  • Two new courses will be offered: REL 113: Eastern Religions and HIS 163: The World Since 1945.
  • A “What’s going on elsewhere?” column for the college website has been discussed in VP Council.
  • Assessment within Arts and Sciences of the Diversity competency, using artifacts from student portfolios.
  • Learning Community sections of HUM120  (Travel Study) and SOC for Minority Male Mentoring Project.
  • Editors of The Anuran are planning to implement a Haiku contest for students, with emphasis on the historical and cultural context of that form.  Another idea being considered is a writing contest on the theme of global awareness, to include writing in multiple genres.