Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual

Institutional Effectiveness

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

A recently added component of the SACS reaffirmation process is the requirement that each college develop a Quality Enhancement Plan designed to promote and enhance student learning outcomes. Since we have been focusing on assessment of learning outcomes for the past few years, we decided to develop a plan that will take our assessment initiative to a higher level. We also decided to limit the focus of our QEP to learning outcomes assessment of general education competencies in curriculum programs. Whether an Arts and Sciences student or a student in Business Sciences or Applied Sciences and Technology, the college expects all of its graduates to attain proficiency in the general education competencies listed on pp.34-39 of this handbook. Students are also expected to develop a portfolio in which artifacts, items such as papers, tests, projects, speeches, etc., are kept as evidence of demonstrated competence in these general education skills.

Our QEP represents an effort to integrate three related elements of outcomes assessment of general education competencies across curriculum programs. These include more emphasis on program assessment and student portfolio development, and the use of an in-house software program to generate and analyze data. In short, our QEP involves students, faculty and deans/directors as reviewers of courses and programs, and technical personnel to input and analyze data. All of it is designed to help us make an excellent college even better. Most of all, we want each student to learn how to use faculty and peer assessments, as well as self-assessment, to advance learning while a student at Isothermal Community College and as he/she continues to learn throughout his/her life.

Policy No: 202-02-01