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Charles P. Wiggins, Director of Library Services

Library Component for ACA 115 and ACA 122 Courses

ACA Library Instruction Videos

Notes for Instructors

Please consider the chat below, containing the Library sessions scheduled for your classes in the coming semester.
  • Instructors with highlighted classes: the library staff member responsible
  • ONLINE Instructors: a Library presentation for distance learners is offered below the schedule for the traditional classes on this webpage, and a full Library Instruction component is included in the Moodle ACA 115 master class (and pending in the ACA 122 master class). Let us know if we can be of further assistance to you.
Since the Library no longer has a permanently designated presentation space:
  • If your classroom has no computer and projector in it, we ask that you notify us ASAP, for we must schedule another space where we can meet your class.
  • If you need to reschedule your session, please contact me or the Library staff member responsible for delivering your Library session, and we will make adjustments as necessary. See Library Staff and Hours for contact information.
For any other issues please let me know and we will work it out! Thank you for your cooperation.

Becky Cleland  ~  828-395-1525  ~

Library Instruction Schedule for
Traditional-Format Classes
Summer 2015

Library sessions for the current semester's ACA sections will be posted here for reference, subject to change as necessary.

Please contact Becky Cleland with questions or corrections.

Library Instruction for ACA 115 and ACA 122 Online:
Introduction to Information Literacy and How to Find Information Using the College Library

These videos are meant only as introductions to the subjects they address; for specific information on any part of the content, consult your instructor or the library staff. The videos are short and can be watched as many times as you like until you understand each concept. You can replay and pause a video to copy URLs or other useful information. Enjoy and learn!

Part One:
Introduction to Information Literacy
and Searching for Information (4:20)

Part Two:
Finding Books in the College Library (3:55)

Part Three:
Finding Information in Magazines,
Journals and Databases (3:42)
Part Four:
Evaluating Information
and Using It Ethically (3:53)

ACA 115 and ACA 122 Library Exercise

The Library Exercise Parts I and II, are available in a .pdf file at this link. The pre-completed Example Exercise for Part II is included at the end of Part II to help guide you in working on that section of the exercise.

  • Part One of this exercise, created by the professional library staff to introduce you to Library resources, policies and procedures, can be completed using information found in the Library Handbook.
  • Part Two of this exercise is designed to familiarize you with finding information in common formats available for research. It is recommended that you complete it after viewing the Library presentation Introduction to Information Literacy and Finding Information in the College Library (links to videos located above).
If you feel you need additional assistance, please come to the library and ask the staff for help, or contact the library staff by phone or email. Library Staff and Hours and Directions to the Library provide you with information on "who, when and where."