Isothermal Community College

Teams for the Advancement of the Learning College

Team for the Advancement of the Learning College


The TALC Leadership Team supports the efforts of our learning college journey by providing guidance for achieving Isothermal’s Learning College Principles and through the following functions:

  • Supporting and providing leadership for taskforces and TALC teams
  • Developing and supporting activities to keep learning at the forefront
  • Evaluating the focus and purpose of TALC taskforces and teams
  • Collecting and assessing information to identify and address barriers to learning
  • Mentoring and cultivating leadership skills to sustain the learning college by developing a leadership training series
  • Establishing goals as part of the strategic planning process
  • Recognizing the definition of learners as students, employees, organization and community
  • Administering TALC budget as allocated by the college administration
Membership of TALC Leadership includes a chair and vice chair of TALC Leadership, chair from each TALC teams, a representative from College Council, the Technology Committee Chair, the President, the Director of Marketing and Community Relations, the Vice Presidents, the past chair of TALC and the secretary of TALC. The Leadership Team meets on a bi-monthly basis. The chair of TALC Leadership meets with the President at least once per quarter for updates and reviews. In addition to functioning as the learning steering committee, the Leadership Team maintains a timeline of significant events in our learning journey.


Ashley Day
Sarah Kilgo

Angela Reid
Anne Oxenreider
Alan Beam
April Cline
Becky Cleland
Debbie Puett
Jamey Spratt
Jay Coomes
Johnny Smith
Jonathan Bland
Karen Jones
Karen Spratt
Kathy Ackermann
Kim Amos
Kim Gold

Maria Bivins
Mark Ellis
Marnie Beaver
Mike Gavin
Ngina Smith
Noelle Hoyle
Rebecca Haney
Robby Walters
Russell Wicker
Ruth Hils
Stephen Matheny
Thad Harrill
Tiffany Cooper
Walter Dalton