Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual

Technology Plan


Professional Development and Training

In becoming aware of and proficient in the appropriate type and level of technology skills needed to fulfill their instructional and administrative functions, college personnel are empowered to become more confident, self-reliant, and engaged in learning-centered activities. 

Goal 1.

College personnel will increase their ability to use technology to complete tasks relevant to their responsibilities; faculty will optimize their use of technology in traditional, online, hybrid and web-assisted courses. 


  1. Offer training opportunities for college personnel to refresh their technology skills or to learn how to use new applications.
  2. Offer training opportunities for faculty who teach online courses or who  wish to use technology in other courses by providing facilitators,  workshops, tutorials, one on one instruction, etc.
  3. Determine faculty training needs by including focused questions in the College Technology Readiness Survey.
  4. Develop an IT TaskForce that would fall under the TALC committee.

Timeline: Ongoing

Implementation: Coordinate with TALC Professional Development taskforces to provide opportunities during Convocation and professional development days for technology training. The need for training will be assessed through the Technology Readiness Survey. Training will be provided by IT staff and the Distance Learning Training Coordinator as appropriate on new software, software updates, hardware, classroom equipment, e-mail, and CMS (Moodle). 

Rationale: IT staff, TALC Professional Development Taskforces, and other College representatives have developed technology competencies for college employees. Employees are expected to have or attain a level of competency sufficient to accomplish tasks required by their respective positions and to keep their systems updated with Windows security patches and virus updates. Those who facilitate labs will have minimal downtime because they will be able to restore or rebuild computers that have corrupted files. Training helps to eliminate panic or fear of technological mishaps among users.