Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual

Technology Plan


V. Data, Systems and Connectivity - Security

The College and external agencies require privacy and security of student and employee records and other sensitive information. Technology, in facilitating access, can be a challenge as well as a solution where security of data is concerned. Vigilance and a vigorous approach is required in order to protect data, systems, and networks from internal and external attacks.

Goal 1.

Network users will benefit from improved network response time and less personal time required to protect their systems from virus attacks. 

Activity: Continue to install,upgrade and support Command Anti-Virus Software for every client on each computer and server on campus. 

Timeline: Ongoing

Implementation: Choose, purchase, configure and place in operation a 2008 server to provide automatic, unattended updates of antivirus software to all clients on the network. The server installs and pushes out the updates automatically to all selected VLAN’s. We will do this through the help of Active Directory.

Rationale: Network centralization for the Anti-Virus software guards desktops, laptops, and network servers, while the web-based management console makes it easy to set coordinated security policy and deploy automatic updates on every client and server.