Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual

Diversity Plan

Diversity: A Statement of Philosophy

Isothermal Community College

We believe that all members of the Isothermal Community College staff, faculty and 
student body must be dedicated to personal and academic excellence and must practice personal and academic integrity.

We believe that we should respect the dignity of all persons, their rights and property and that we should demonstrate concern for others, their feelings, and their need for conditions which support their work and development.

We believe that prejudice and bigotry are unacceptable, that we should always strive to learn from differences in people, ideas and opinions, that we must refrain from and discourage any behaviors, actions or deeds, which threaten the freedom and respect, every individual deserves.

We believe that learning is central to the college’s mission, that diversity in learning styles requires diversity in teaching styles, and that an environment which fosters and celebrates learning is the responsibility of the entire college.

We believe that allegiance to these beliefs will promote the concept of diversity, that the Isothermal Community College concept of diversity encompasses a spirit of inclusion that is reflected in its curriculum programs and in its recognition of the many variations in teaching, learning and management styles represented by its faculty, staff, and students.

We believe that diversity is based on one principle: that there should be respect for the dignity of every individual and for what that individual values.

Approved by the Management Team, March 21, 2000