Isothermal Community College

Student Services


Transfer Students - Any student transferring from a school other than Isothermal Community College will be considered to be making satisfactory progress at the time of his/her enrollment. The student's maximum time frame will be reduced by the equivalent number of credit hours attempted toward his/her degree.

Isothermal Community College Returning Students - Returning students will have their cumulative GPA carried forward, subject to the institutional policy regarding transfer of credit within the institution. All credit hours attempted will be converted to semester hours and carried forward. This policy is in accordance with federal regulations stating that satisfactory academic progress standards must cover all periods of the student's enrollment, including those periods for which the student did not receive federal student aid funds.

Isothermal Graduates - If a student graduates from a program at Isothermal Community College and desires to pursue another degree, that student will assume the maximum time frame of the new program.