Isothermal Community College

Financial Aid

Qualitative Measure

A student receiving federal financial aid at Isothermal Community College must maintain a cumulative grade point average at or above a 2.00.

Cumulative grade point averages (GPA) will be evaluated at the end of each semester. Any student earning less than the minimum required cumulative GPA shall be placed on financial aid probation. The student will be notified of his/her probationary status in writing by the Financial Aid Office and may receive financial aid for one additional term of enrollment, consecutive or otherwise. If the student does not earn the minimum required cumulative GPA by the end of the probationary term, he/she will be placed on financial aid suspension and all aid will be terminated until he/she earns the minimum required cumulative GPA.

  • For the qualitative measure, credit hours attempted will be cumulative and will include all hours for which the student was enrolled as of the census date of each academic term.
  • Cumulative GPA is computed by dividing the total number of quality points earned by the total credit hours attempted for which the student received grades of A, B, C, D, F, or I. No quality points are earned for an I.
  • Classes in which the student has been listed as a “No Show” will not be counted as hours attempted nor will their be any quality points associated with these classes.