Isothermal Community College

Financial Aid

Progression Rate

To complete a program within the 150% time frame, the student will be required to successfully complete 67% of the credit hours attempted each semester.


15 credit hours attempted in fall semester

15 x .67 = 10 credit hours must be earned

Only grades of A, B, C, or D will be counted as hours successfully completed. Grades of F, I, W, P, R, and NS will not count as hours successfully completed. Grades of Y and CE will not be counted as attempted hours nor hours successfully completed.

Any student who has not successfully completed 67% of the cumulative credit hours attempted at the end of each semester will be notified of his/her probationary status in writing by the Financial Aid Office and may receive financial aid for one more semester of enrollment, consecutive or otherwise. For students on probation, no further financial aid will be disbursed until after the grades have been posted to the student’s official transcript for the probationary term. If the student does not earn the minimum required cumulative hours during the probationary semester, he/she will be placed on financial aid suspension and all federal aid will be terminated. The student will remain on financial aid suspension until he/she earns the minimum required cumulative credit hours.