Isothermal Community College

Financial Aid

North Carolina State Grants

North Carolina Community College Grant (NCCCG)

This is a state administered grant and is available only to undergraduate students who are residents of North Carolina. The student must meet the college's Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. This grant is awarded during the fall and spring semesters to eligible students who have enrolled in at least six credit hours during each semester. Annual award amounts are contingent on funding levels approved by the North Carolina General Assembly. This scholarship is awarded only for the fall and spring semesters. No additional application is required.

North Carolina Educational Lottery Scholarship (NCELS)

This is a state administered grant that was created by the 2005 General Assembly to provide financial assistance to needy North Carolina resident students attending eligible colleges within the state of North Carolina. Eligibility is determined based on the same criteria as the Federal Pell Grant with one exception; students not eligible for the Federal Pell Grant with an estimated family contribution (EFC) of $5000 or less will be eligible for an Education Lottery Scholarship pending availability of funds. An additional application is not required.  This scholarship is awarded only for the fall and spring semesters. Eligible students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a North Carolina resident for tuition purposes
  • Enroll for at least six credit hours per semester in a curriculum program
  • Meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements of the institution
  • Be admitted, enrolled and classified as an undergraduate student in matriculated status in a degree, certificate or diploma program at an eligible North Carolina institution (UNC campuses, Community College Campuses, Independent College Campuses and certain other private colleges) 

Forgivable Education Loans for Service (FELS)

This is a state administered program that provides funding for North Carolina students pursuing programs leading to careers in areas with critical need, such as nursing, teaching, allied health fields and medicine.  Students who receive funds through this program must sign a promissory note agreeing to work in North Carolina after graduation in an approved position, one year for each acedemic year of funding received.  Students who do not perform the required service must repay the loans in cash, with interest.  For more information about this program, please visit