Isothermal Community College

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Emergency Medical Services

EMT Basic Classes

Classes for EMT Basic will be held twice a year at the Rutherford Learning Center and at the Isothermal Polk Campus. This class will be 186 hours. Anyone affiliated with Emergency Services will be fee exempt. Students must maintain a grade of 80 or above to be eligible to sit for the State Exam.

EMT Basic - January 6th through May 21st
Start Date: January 6, 2014 from 18:00-22:00
Location: Rutherford Learning Center
Instructors: Kaleb Johnson & Justin Moore

EMT Basic - January 9th through May 29th
Start Date: January 9,2014 from 18:00-22:00
Location: Polk Center Campus
Instructors: Jason Wilson & Tobby Bishop

EMT In-Service Schedule:
All locations will be from 19:00-22:00
January 7 - Instructor Amanda Shires
Location: Ellenboro Fire Department

January 14 - Instructor Steven Gray
Location Lake Lure Fire Department

January 21 - Instructor Tracy Guillermo
Location Rutherford Learning Center

January 21 - Instructor Roger Hollifield
Location Cherry Mtn. Fire Department

January 28 - Instructor Jeff Jackson
Location Shingle Hollow Fire Department

Also Available ONLINE! Must pre-register to use this option.

Please advise the college several months before your EMT runs out so that we can get this information into OEMS. Giving us this information early will allow us time to make sure everything is ready and will make sure that your certification does not run out.