Isothermal Community College

Strategic Plan 2014-16

Educational Planning

For our students to be job or transfer ready, the College will focus on educational planning toward degree completion.

What We Have Heard that Shaped This Goal
  • Named the 17th best community college in the nation in 2013 by the Washington Monthly
  • Increased the number of people in the Isothermal Region with Associate degrees or higher from 21% to 26%, which out-paces growth at the state and national levels 
  • Ranked 5th in the North Carolina Community College System for transfer student success
  • Ranked 3th out of 6 in a local comparison group for curriculum completion
  • Ranked 5th out of 6 in a local comparison group for first year progression
  • The annual growth rate of wages for an employee with a technical degree and some experience is nearly twice that of an employee with a high school degree
What We Will Do to Achieve This Goal

Patriot's Aim Target Statement: Empowering education and job planning

  • Identify a representative in each department for job placement information
  • Ensure that students understand the requirements to receive and remain eligible for financial aid
  • Form an Implementation Team to develop a Quality Enhancement Plan focused on advising and completion
  • Recommend that semester course rotations are made available to students and advisors for all courses not taught every semester